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10 Signs that now is the time to buy in Spain

10 signs that now is the time to buy in Spain

2014 has seen lots of positive news surrounding Spanish property with improvements in Spain's general economic outlook, increasing sales to foreigners and signs that prices may now be bottoming out.

This has led to a mood of optimism in the Spanish real estate sector with Solvia, the estate agency of Banco Sabadell, going as far as to raise the prices on 450 of its properties last week.

Here we list 10 factors that suggest that now is the time to buy in Spain:

1. Attractive prices: Prices have dropped around 40% on average and in some areas up to 70%.. The low prices decrease the risk when buying a property as potential downside is low to non-existent in most cases.

2. Choice: Oversupply has been one of the main factors forcing down property prices in Spain but it does have an advantage in that it provides a potential buyer with ample choice when choosing a property, with homes of all types available in all locations.

3. Positive economic data: Many economists are now pointing to signs that Spain's economy is on the road to recovery with the Spanish stock market making impressive gains, unemployment dropping and government tax revenue increasing. This eases concerns of instability and insecurity.


Good News for Passengers as the new Regional Airport plans to open

In order to get the new international airport at Corvera open without further delays we may see that the new airport will open whilst San Javier is still operational on a commercial basis.

It now seems likely that Aeromur, the airport management company, will assume responsibility for the running of the new airport although there are still some important objectives to be realised, such as the approval of the facility from the State Agency for Air Safety, and confirmation from the EU that the equity loan which the Murcian Regional Government proposes to issue Aeromur does not contravene regulations regarding competition.

In summary, Aeromur are no longer requesting that San Javier closes its commercial operations before Corvera opens.  A situation of competition may transpire ... watch this space!