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The New Nomad Visa

Nomad Visa for Spain

Exciting news for those non-EU Passport holders who would like to live and work in Spain remotely or as hybrid workers and override the 90/180 day Rule that limits a stay within Spain (and by extension the Schengen Area / EU).

The new Nomad Visa was ratified in Spain in December 2022, is aimed at those non-EU citizens allowing them to travel freely throughout the Schengen zone countries, as well as for those who would like to move to Spain and also continue to  work for business based internationally, giving them the opportunity  to live and work remotely from Spain. Spouse and children can also be included within the visa. It will also allow applicants to be allowed to travel to all European Union countries.  Hybrid workers or those who spend significant periods of time working via computers or laptops from home this could be an ideal scenario.

Another core advantage of the VISA are the significant tax breaks.  It provides a flat rate income tax rate of only 24% on the first €600,000 of gross annual earnings over a five-year period.

Requirements for application: 

The applicant must be working for a non-registered Spanish company, located outside Spain, for at least 3 months and, the company must have been operating for at least 1-year prior application.

The company must state in a letter that applicant ́s position allows to work remotely and he/she is required and permitted to do so.

Demonstrate the applicant has sufficient experience and education by either demonstrating 3 years of work experience related to the current position; or a graduate from a recognised university or business school. 

Proof of income:  the main applicant must have €25.000 available in a nominated Bank  and €9.500 for each dependent, with a Bank Certificate document as proof.

Providing salary slips or contract of employment can be also used as a proof of financial liquidity.

Private Medical Insurance, held with a Spanish insurance company, is compulsory.

Proof that the applicant has not had a Criminal Record in the previous 5 years.

The application must be submitted in Spain and we would, therefore, recommend using a Spanish solicitor to carry this out.  There is no need to liaise with a Spanish Consulate or lengthy wait for their response.

This application will grant a permit of Residency for 3 years and it can be renewed for 2 more years. After these 5 years, the VISA holder will be entitled to apply for permanent Residency in Spain.

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