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Exchange your UK Licence for Spanish Easily

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UK Driving Licence Exchange – All Your Questions Answered

 Update on the Situation?

On Tuesday, 14th March 2023, the Spanish Government approved an information exchange scheme which will allow residents with a UK driving licence to exchange it for a Spanish licence.

Plan of Action?

If you have a UK driving licence and hold residencia in Spain you should apply for a Spanish driving licence immediately.

Time Frame?

The agreement allows residents 6 months to exchange their UK driving licence for a Spanish licence. There is no need to stop driving as the UK licence is still valid for another period of 6 months.

Is there a Driving Test?

Not if you hold a current UK driving licence; you will not have to take a driving test.

Medical test?

There is a basic Spanish psicotécnico test which covers your eyesight, general health questions and theres also a coordination test. These are carried out at authorised medical centres and usually cost around 35 euros. Find your centre here:


Expired licence?

If your UK driving licence has expired then you should still be able to exchange this for a Spanish licence, but you wont be able to drive until you receive your new Spanish licence.

 Gibraltar driving licences?

If you have a valid Gibraltar driving licence you will be able to exchange this for a Spanish one under the terms of the exchange agreement.


If you do the job yourself then typical costs are 35 euros for the medical and 29 euros for the application fee. You will also need a colour photo with a plain background (32x26mm).

How long will it take?

The typical time scale is 6-8 weeks, but delays are inevitable given the anticipated volume of applications.

How to Proceed?

  • 32x26mm photo
  • Verification code from DVLA (DVA in Northern Ireland),
  • psicotécnico test
  • Complete in the DGT application form
  • Pay the application fee
  • Appointment at the local Trafico office
  • Trafico will take the UK licence and issue a temporary paper licence to that will cover you to drive whilst you are waiting for your new Spanish licence

Keep Driving?

The temporary paper licence allows the applicant to legally drive in Spain as long as it is on their possession. However, yhe temporary Spanish paper licence will not cover you to drive in any other country.

When to Apply?

We recommend starting the process straight away as the DGT may be overwhelmed with applications as a result of this new agreement.

Does the Agreement cover anything else?

The agreement covers the exchange of data between the UK and Spain for both vehicles and individuals with the aim of investigating traffic offences related to road safety.

How to make an appointment with Trafico?

Click the following link to make an appointment directly:


Need Help with the application?

Contact us for more information.

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