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Spanish Mortgages 2022

Some interesting data was released by the Land Registry last week relating to Spanish mortgages in 2022.

Here are a few of the facts from the report

Total Number of Mortgages signed in 2022 :  463,463

Increase of 11.2% on the number of mortgages in 2021, more than 100,000 more than 2021 and exceeds pre pandemic numbers

The most mortgages ever signed in Spain in any given year was in 2006 at 1.3 million

Over 31,000 mortgages were issued to “foreigners” and Non Residents, representing 6.85% of the total number

Non resident Mortgages, the largest number of applicants were from United Kingdom, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Ukraine and Poland. 

Average Loan Value in Euros

Spanish and Domestic 143.000euros

Non Residents 171.000euros

The largest mortgages that were granted were in the Balearics, the mortgage average in Mallorca was 370.000euros, whereas the average mortgage to Non Residents in Andalucia was 198.000euros

Which Nationalities are borrowing the most – Swedish, USA, Germans, British, Dutch and the Belgiums.

The sale and purchase of properties in Spain by non residents increased by 43.9% in 2022 to 63.050 transactions. 

The top and favourite regions were Valencia and Andalucia.


Thanks to Alfredo Bloy Dawson and Marc Elliott de Lama for their analysis and sharing the video on linked in

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